Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Entry 23
10th September 2012

Stress – I believe that every single person in this world have experienced it. Stress is a kind of pressure that sometimes makes one so upset and can’t perform well in his work. Yes, for sure I’m already in the same situation. How to manage stress? I’ve read a lot books,  do some researching and even asking the counselors to ask their tips on handling the stress, but none of it can exactly help me to solve it. So, I decided to manage the stress with my own way. Each time I’m feeling stress on doing something, I’ll take a break and then went outside of the house or my room. I’ll take time to enjoy the nature, watching the scenery and relaxing myself with a deep breathing. It always makes me feel calmer and fresher. But on weekends I do prefer to have a walk with my family to the city. I can see many more people with different attitude and behaviors. It might sound crazy since most people thinks that being among with so many people make us more stress but, I love this way. Yes, each and every individual has their own way to reduce their stress. And this is my way.. ;)

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