Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Entry 27
25th September 2012

 We had a Physics Digestion today. I have no comment at all about this test. It is a very tired week. I’ve got plenty of homework and assignment to be done. I need to complete the Mathematics tutorial, Physics tutorial, lab reports, these entries and many more. Sometimes I’m feeling bored doing all these things. Tired of being pressured all the times and lacks of rest. It makes me feel so tired and I hope that I could only rest at least just for a day. I’m really tired right now so let finish this quickly. What more should I write about? I’m running out of idea right now. Can anyone give me some topics to be shared, please? No need to write more? Why? I’ve already exceed 120 words? Yes, finally this entry is done. ;)

Number One For Me ^^,

Entry 26
24th September 2012

You know you’re the number one for me…”

I know that she is the number one for me. Not only me but for billion thousand people more. Who is “she”? Of course, she is my mother. This song was composed by Maher Zain and it is specialized for his mum and all of mother in this world (included my mother). Right now, I’m really missed her. Yeah, it only just a week I didn’t meet her but, I don’t know what else to say. I just missed her too much. I wish that I could have a private jet that could send me home anytime I want, that would be really great. Or maybe if I can have Doraemon, I would ask for ‘pintu suka hati’ so that I could be at home anytime I want. Maybe that is all for today since I’m already being ridiculous.. Good night!


Entry 25
14th September 2012

I am all alone here. My other roommates were already going back to their hometown. And I am alone here waiting for my father to pick me up. So, while doing nothing I’m updating this entry and still thinking what should I write this time. How about my result? Haha.. It is quite improved (not really exactly). I just tell you my pointer, alright? The grade for each subjects, let them all as a secret. I just get 3.77 for my pointer. For overall, it is not very good right? There is much work and efforts that I should do. I still don’t know how to tell my parents about this. And I’m not sure how their expressions when I tell them about this. Seriously, I’ll have a really bad headache after this. [==’]

Adrenalin flows..

Entry 24
11th September 2012

IT’S THE RESULT DAY..!! Fuhh, I’m feeling awkward today. Feeling so nervous, scary and sometime there is a feeling that I cannot describe it. The result is on 3pm but at that time, I had a lecture. So, my other classmates decided to have a look at the result on 5pm, right before the Physics Digestion 3 is started. My friend, Samsiah asked me to accompany her to check on her result. So, I went with her to the Info Centre. But I didn’t checked my result. I just accompanied her. I was too afraid to check my result. Arghh.., I hate that feeling. So, I decided to check on my result in the night, right before the Physics Extra Lecture starts. Want to know what my result is? Here it is ……………………………………………………………………………………(to be continued) ;)



Entry 23
10th September 2012

Stress – I believe that every single person in this world have experienced it. Stress is a kind of pressure that sometimes makes one so upset and can’t perform well in his work. Yes, for sure I’m already in the same situation. How to manage stress? I’ve read a lot books,  do some researching and even asking the counselors to ask their tips on handling the stress, but none of it can exactly help me to solve it. So, I decided to manage the stress with my own way. Each time I’m feeling stress on doing something, I’ll take a break and then went outside of the house or my room. I’ll take time to enjoy the nature, watching the scenery and relaxing myself with a deep breathing. It always makes me feel calmer and fresher. But on weekends I do prefer to have a walk with my family to the city. I can see many more people with different attitude and behaviors. It might sound crazy since most people thinks that being among with so many people make us more stress but, I love this way. Yes, each and every individual has their own way to reduce their stress. And this is my way.. ;)

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Entry 22
9th September 2012

I’m just having my bath just now. So refreshing! It is a common to have a bath a bath around this clock. Well, it is weekends right? No classes but lot of homework and assignments. That is what I really hate about. I love weekends but I hate doing my assignment on weekends. I just want to relax and enjoying my weekends doing anything that I love, not hate. Like what I’m doing now. I’m doing this entry while listening to music. The most things that I love to do. Enjoy the music that I love. Not doing something that will cause headaches and stress myself. Stress is not good for your health, did you know that? For the next entry, I’ll tell you how I managed my stress. Bye!