Friday, 24 August 2012


Entry 15
25th August 2012

I still have no idea to finish my last entry for this week. Come on brain. Think something. This is the last one, I promise. Hmm, I’m going back to KMPh again tomorrow after two weeks of holidays. Waaa… I don’t want to go back to KMPh again yet. I still want a holiday. Seriously, two weeks of holidays is just like two days. How fast the time is. But at the same time, I’m excited to start back my life at KMPh. I just can’t wait to meet my roommates, classmates and of course, my lecturers. What happens to me? I just said earlier that I still want a holiday but now I’m excited to go back to KMPh? What are going on with me? Arghhh.. Headaches…

Back to Malacca

Entry 14
22nd August 2012

My family and I were in Malacca today. We reached Malacca at 10pm and then we checked in a resort to rest. It is been a long time I didn’t come to Malacca. There are lots of changes here. The place where I used to stay before has many improvements and getting better than before. Yes, I’m really really missed this country. Haha.. And I wish that I can stay here for a longer time. But, that is impossible as we need to go back to Kuantan because my father starts to work tomorrow. We went to our previous house at Sg. Udang. The house looks as usual. I mean that there are not much different likes before. Before heading back to Kuantan, we went for a shopping at Tesco Cheng. Then, we went back to Kuantan. We reached home at around 2230pm. I’m sleepy and I need my beauty sleep right now. Good night! :)


Entry 13
20th August 2012

It is the second day of Eid. I’m doing nothing as usual. Err, actually I’m doing my assignment. This entry. That means I’m doing something useful right now, right? What a boring day today even it is still Eid. There are many interesting movies on the television but I don’t have a mood to watch any of the movies. Some of them I’ve already watch before. I think that the Eid celebration this year not as the years before. I’m feeling that something is missing and I couldn’t find it yet. But I’m not sure what was exactly the missing thing is. Should I call Detective Conan to solve my mystery? Ahh, I’m already getting nonsense. So that is all for today. Roger, roger! ;)

Balik kampung..!!

Entry 12
18th August 2012

Finally I am already here, in my beloved hometown. Haha.. I’m really excited as it’s been a year since I when there for the last time. I’m really missed my hometown. It is located at Felda Sg. Sayong in Kulai, Johore. It takes almost 5-6 hours to reach there from Kuantan. Yes, it is a kind of a long boring and exhausted journey actually. There are palm and rubber estates that become our ‘beautiful sceneries’ along the journey. Not just that, we also can saw monkeys, iguana, cows and goats. And  if you are lucky you can even saw chickens along the roads. So, it’s not a really boring journey right? We break our fasts at the KFC at Kota Tinggi, a place where I was born. We reach at my grandfather’s house around 9pm. A really long journey, huh?


Entry 11
16th August 2012

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Friend is one of the important persons in our life and sometimes influenced our life. Friend is a person who always be with you no matter what the condition is it. He/she will always be your companion all the time. Becomes a shoulder for you to cry, becomes a good listener whenever you tell him/her about your problem and someone you can give your trust to. But, it is not easy to find a good one. And I believe that not everyone is lucky to have a true friend. Sometimes we think that we already have a good friend but the fact is he/she is the one who stab you from the back. What a world… :(