Saturday, 13 October 2012


Entry 33
14th October 2012

‘Wake me up, when September ends.’ – Could anyone wakes that Green Day’s vocalist? It is because we were already in October right now. I hope that he’s already wake up. So, there will only about two more weeks for the final exam. And just another four days for my MUET Speaking Test (on this Thursday). I don’t know what to prepare for my speaking test. There will be Mery, Hafiz and Raja in my group. And I just can’t stop hoping that the topic will be given to us for the speaking test is just like a piece of cake. And I hate being candidate A. [==’]

p/s: ‘I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Tell the world that I’m coming home.’               [^^,]


...mY biOLogY...

Entry 32
12th October 2012

How terrible I answered the Biology paper just now. Stress! The questions are all easy but the answers are really tough actually. Ahh! Forget about that. Let bygone be bygone. I’ll do better next. I promise that [^^,]. No internet access here (in my room). Not even one bar. Maybe my block is too far from others (I’m in block A2). So, I’m out of KMPh’s territory? I’m start being ridiculous. Seriously, life is really hard without internet. I can’t access my FB and e-mails. Don’t know what the currents issues are. And it feels like being isolated as Founder’s principle. Not reaching genetic equilibrium and can causes abnormality by frame shift mutation. Maybe it all caused by bottleneck effect where the probability to survive depends on the chance only. Okay, these all what should I write during the Biology examination, not now!! [==’]

Exam?? [X]

Entry 31
11th October 2012

I’ve no exam today. Hooray for today’s freedom of examination. But tomorrow I still have Biology examination. Ahh, that is for tomorrow. Don’t think about it yet. Just enjoy your night, dear. What should I write today? Come on, brain! Think something so I can make a suitable topic for this entry. Hurry! I have many more entries to finish up [==’]. Let write a little bit of K-pop. I’m not a big fan of K-pop such as other teens do. I just know a few popular Korean artists like Super Junior, 2PM, Big Bang, Wonder Girls (not wonder pets) and B2ST (I don’t know how to pronounce it). I guess, that all. I just enjoy their songs and I don’t know even single of their group members. Maybe that is all for today. I’m getting sleepy hearing Siwon- OST Oh My Lady. [^^]

New York and United Kingdom !!

Entry 30
10th October 2012

My friend will going to Yemen after the Eid Adha. He had told me before that he’ll be going to Yemen on next year, around June or July. But, just now he texted me and told me that he’ll be leaving to Yemen in just another weeks. It shocked me at first but I’m okay right now. He is going to Yemen to further his study there. I’m not sure for which field he’s going to study there. Major for Arabic language I guess. Actually I’m having a bit feeling of jealous because he has the chance to study at the oversea and how about me? When I’m also able to study at oversea such at New York, United Kingdom and many more places there? [T T]. Don’t be worried, I’ll be at those places in one day. I promise that! XD


2logx2x2 = log2x + 1

Entry 29
8th October 2012
1.       2logx2x2 = log2x + 1
2.       y = ex
3.       y = x2e3x

I had a Mathematics test just now. The questions were so h***! And I didn’t know how much can I answered correctly. I have a strong insist that saying I’m going to fail this subject (again and again). I don’t know why I don’t have chemistry with Mathematics. I’m being trauma with Mathematics since I’m in primary school. I can’t remember which event that caused me being so trauma with Mathematics. But I’m sure it the worst ever [- -‘]. And I don’t ever want to remember that particular event. It is so scary. Night! [^^,]

'Doing less and gets more'

Entry 28
7th October 2012
1.       ‘Doing more and gets less/nothing ---> idiot!’
2.       ‘Doing more and gets more ---> hard work’
3.       ‘Doing less and gets more ---> smart’

I wish I could be like the third one [= =’]. So I don’t need to study hard but have a good result. How wonderful the world can be if it becomes true (I’m building castle in the air). In my point of view, it is not simply means that if you do less work you’ll get more rewards [+ +?]. But it means that a smart person will do their job in the smartest way to obtain a better result. So, let us think about it. Do you prefer studying for the whole night for the exam in the next morning but at the end your result really disappointed you? Err, so scary [@@]. In the nutshell, I should do things in the smartest way. It is going to be such a big problem if everyone in this world becomes smart? I do think so. [^_^]