Friday, 24 August 2012

Back to Malacca

Entry 14
22nd August 2012

My family and I were in Malacca today. We reached Malacca at 10pm and then we checked in a resort to rest. It is been a long time I didn’t come to Malacca. There are lots of changes here. The place where I used to stay before has many improvements and getting better than before. Yes, I’m really really missed this country. Haha.. And I wish that I can stay here for a longer time. But, that is impossible as we need to go back to Kuantan because my father starts to work tomorrow. We went to our previous house at Sg. Udang. The house looks as usual. I mean that there are not much different likes before. Before heading back to Kuantan, we went for a shopping at Tesco Cheng. Then, we went back to Kuantan. We reached home at around 2230pm. I’m sleepy and I need my beauty sleep right now. Good night! :)

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