Saturday, 13 October 2012

'Doing less and gets more'

Entry 28
7th October 2012
1.       ‘Doing more and gets less/nothing ---> idiot!’
2.       ‘Doing more and gets more ---> hard work’
3.       ‘Doing less and gets more ---> smart’

I wish I could be like the third one [= =’]. So I don’t need to study hard but have a good result. How wonderful the world can be if it becomes true (I’m building castle in the air). In my point of view, it is not simply means that if you do less work you’ll get more rewards [+ +?]. But it means that a smart person will do their job in the smartest way to obtain a better result. So, let us think about it. Do you prefer studying for the whole night for the exam in the next morning but at the end your result really disappointed you? Err, so scary [@@]. In the nutshell, I should do things in the smartest way. It is going to be such a big problem if everyone in this world becomes smart? I do think so. [^_^]

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