Saturday, 13 October 2012

...mY biOLogY...

Entry 32
12th October 2012

How terrible I answered the Biology paper just now. Stress! The questions are all easy but the answers are really tough actually. Ahh! Forget about that. Let bygone be bygone. I’ll do better next. I promise that [^^,]. No internet access here (in my room). Not even one bar. Maybe my block is too far from others (I’m in block A2). So, I’m out of KMPh’s territory? I’m start being ridiculous. Seriously, life is really hard without internet. I can’t access my FB and e-mails. Don’t know what the currents issues are. And it feels like being isolated as Founder’s principle. Not reaching genetic equilibrium and can causes abnormality by frame shift mutation. Maybe it all caused by bottleneck effect where the probability to survive depends on the chance only. Okay, these all what should I write during the Biology examination, not now!! [==’]

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