Saturday, 13 October 2012

Exam?? [X]

Entry 31
11th October 2012

I’ve no exam today. Hooray for today’s freedom of examination. But tomorrow I still have Biology examination. Ahh, that is for tomorrow. Don’t think about it yet. Just enjoy your night, dear. What should I write today? Come on, brain! Think something so I can make a suitable topic for this entry. Hurry! I have many more entries to finish up [==’]. Let write a little bit of K-pop. I’m not a big fan of K-pop such as other teens do. I just know a few popular Korean artists like Super Junior, 2PM, Big Bang, Wonder Girls (not wonder pets) and B2ST (I don’t know how to pronounce it). I guess, that all. I just enjoy their songs and I don’t know even single of their group members. Maybe that is all for today. I’m getting sleepy hearing Siwon- OST Oh My Lady. [^^]

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