Saturday, 13 October 2012

New York and United Kingdom !!

Entry 30
10th October 2012

My friend will going to Yemen after the Eid Adha. He had told me before that he’ll be going to Yemen on next year, around June or July. But, just now he texted me and told me that he’ll be leaving to Yemen in just another weeks. It shocked me at first but I’m okay right now. He is going to Yemen to further his study there. I’m not sure for which field he’s going to study there. Major for Arabic language I guess. Actually I’m having a bit feeling of jealous because he has the chance to study at the oversea and how about me? When I’m also able to study at oversea such at New York, United Kingdom and many more places there? [T T]. Don’t be worried, I’ll be at those places in one day. I promise that! XD


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